On My Mind


You ask me what’s on my mind
Since you can’t read it
Why do I mind what I’m thinking?

Sometimes I am embarrassed by what’s going on inside
I don’t know how the ideas got in
But if they are there then mustn’t I have thought them?

If I can define such thoughts
Do my thoughts also define me;
Who knows the answer?

If I were to deny my own ideas
Will others deny them too;
Who has the wisdom to knowingly say?

If others deny my ideas
Will the ideas continue to exist;
Will I continue to exist?

If I throw my ideas to the wind
Will they take flight?
I think that would be crazy good.

If I throw my ideas away
Will they come back to me?
I think that would be crazy bad.

If I use someone else’s words
Does that make me a thief;
If someone else uses mine should I be proud?

How do I stop these ideas from getting in?
They are making me good and crazy.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

March 6, 2014


2 thoughts on “On My Mind

    1. Thanks Bejamin. I loved this planter I found last summer sprouting up on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Somebody was crazy creative when they envisioned these flowered beauties.

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