Gender Bender


I wasn’t listening;
instead, I was asking myself –
male or female?
His hair was short-cropped,
She had no Adam’s apple;
Her voice was low,
He had no visible hair on his face,
Maybe he was young?
Do I make out her breasts or is it that he is heavy-set?
I check the clerk’s name tag;
It’s a name that could go either way.
Then I ask myself;
What is the point of this game?
Why do I care?
Does gender really matter?

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

April 5, 2014


2 thoughts on “Gender Bender

    1. What we don’t know may hurt ourselves and other people, so we should strive to be more aware of our actions and thoughts. Sort of a corollary to do unto others as you would have done to you.

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