Mother’s Love


It is most natural for children who are grown
to have thoughts of leaving the natal home behind
to find their way, to live on their own,
yet though departed they are much on the mother’s mind;

Something happens when children are born
part of the cord is forever retained,
one life becomes, the other is torn
by the one that has not remained;

Though the teen years may be full of strife
weigh down upon the maternal connection,
it is not an unexpected phase of life,
no match for a mother’s affection;

My child, my love, though you are grown and far away,
it is impossible not to think of you every night and every day.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

April 4, 2014




2 thoughts on “Mother’s Love

    1. Thank you. My husband thought it was sad. But as you say, “What mother’s know: sad, beautiful, painful, true, and poetic 😉

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