Talk is Too Cheap


Talk has lost its value
It can be had any time
Anywhere —
In the subway
On the street
In an elevator—
People talk everywhere—
In public restroom stalls
In their cars
In produce aisles between the onions and potatoes—
They even text, small talk—
Across the table from their dates
In movie theaters, and
During wedding ceremonies.
Before cell phones people knew the real value of talk
It was available in limited places;
Time slowed down waiting for a call
Time sped up rushing home to be there when it finally came.
So much joy when it was received
So maddening when it was missed
Even more maddening when someone else was using the phone
Or left the extension off the hook
‘Cause no call could come in,
But when it did such joy.
You’d retreat to a closet for private talk
Hopeful no one would pick up the extension
Listen in;
Those were the days when talk was valued.
Not today,
Talk is cheap.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

March 23, 2014


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