Wither My Love


A bite of bread, a sip of wine
That is all you ate when we sat down to dine
I expressed my concern, you said I needed be
It was just that tonight your appetite was only for me;
I wished that was true but you don’t fool me anymore
I watched as you sized yourself up in the cafe’s glass door
It’s never good enough, you’re never lean enough
It’s made our life together particularly tough;
It’s hard to be angry with someone as frail
I’m torn up inside by your face so drawn, so pale
The whole thing’s a mess and you, YOU stink
I’d like to know truthfully what do you really think.
Do you know the smell is your body in decay?
You’re depleting your energy reserves each day.
You think self-control is what makes you strong
I’m here to tell you this notion is deeply wrong;
How sick must you be before this problem you will admit?
There’s no resolution until you own up to it.
I am torn what to do
‘Tho I know it’s really up to you,
So please, my love, please find your way
As for me I can think of no more to do but pray.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

February 24, 2014







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