The Circle Dance


We cannot be sisters if we’re unwilling to share
To speak our minds and our hearts;
Such is the power of a women’s circle,
For when women dance together in a circle
No one is left to stand alone on the outside.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

January 30, 2014


15 thoughts on “The Circle Dance

    1. Thank you Benjamin for the kind word and for checking out my blog. I hope you will be a regular visitor. And, maybe you’ll take away something on a female’s perspective on taboos 😉

    1. So true Khadijah, but it is a truth that some do not believe. Every person desires love and to feel appreciated, but our experiences, as you well know, don’t always result in us feeling our personal worth. The Circle is powerful because of the connection built by those who make the Circle. Fortunately, when one of the connectors breaks away the link can be restored and a whole restored.

    1. Brenda, consider yourself blessed if you have some sisters of the heart. I am lucky enough to find myself in a similar position 🙂

    1. I took this photo a while back in San Francisco. I loved how the women used their dresses as extensions of their selves. As always, I appreciate your kind comments.

    1. Khadijah,
      You, indeed, have many colorful scarves. They frame the face of a powerful woman and, rather than limiting her energy, beckon to be healed in your glow.

  1. Pam thank you, the circle is a symbol of belonging and connectedness, when I speak of Multiple Truths, every woman or person who is a part of the circle has their own motivation for being there…when they come they will get what they need, they may choose to stay and if they leave my hope they have gotten what they needed and are strong enough to carry that connectedness of belonging where ever their journey leads them. Just like this dancer with the flowing vibrating ever moving ever changing skirt,(What a challenge we have as women to keep that person spirit flowing in positive way) this is why I do what I do and I struggle with clients leaving and later found out that what they learned in the circle motivated and inspired them to further their education or get that difficult job or work on that relationship that was toxic or the Circle empowered them to leave that relationship in a healthy way) that is who we are just go or stay with love. If the circle is strong and experienced enough …we give people the same love when we welcome them or while in the circle or if they choose to journey to other levels… With the love and Blessing of the Circle…..So I agree nothing can break the wholeness, the connectedness and the sense of belonging we all strive for in our lives ..while in our Circles… however how do we apply what we feel, what we learn as a result of our commitment to “The Circle”?

  2. One other point is yes we do strive to be loved and appreciated by others, what I have found that it starts with me loving myself and appreciating who I am and appreciating the experiences (no matter what they are) learn from it and only allow things that compliment how I already feel to be in my life today…This also give me the strength to move away from the things in life that do not compliment how I feel and appreciate me today…believe me this was a process a continuous process to learn to love and appreciate Khadijah Ali today….you are one of my complimentary friends. We all need to strive to see the Greatness and love in others and compliment that!

    1. Khadijah,
      There is such passion in your words. I will feel successful as a writer and photographer if I am able to retell, at least some small part of your emotional power, in my photos and words. I am privileged to be counted among your complimentary friends.

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