Two Points


Contrary to what is taught in school
Two points do not necessarily make a straight line
But their connection does create a destination
The route, indeed, may be straight
Or it may be curved
Or zig zagged
Or it may turn left then right
Or double back upon itself in the direction from which it first came
It may take a night and maybe a day
Or possibly a week
Or maybe longer
A life time maybe
But eventually it will reach the end
And that is the point.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

January 25, 2014



6 thoughts on “Two Points

    1. I was pleased this morning to see that someone had offered their own words as accompaniment for the photo. Hope others will take your lead. I enjoyed reading your version. I also enjoyed looking at your commentary re:the photos on your blog. I hope you will keep visiting and share with others.

      1. Much appreciation to a wise woman from Australia. As you are well aware reflection is a skill that requires both a desire and effort. It has taken years to find the voice. Thanks for reading Kay. I hope you will be a frequent visitor as well as spread the posts.

    1. The journey is not as difficult as living with the “what ifs” when the opportunity to attempt the journey has passed.

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