A Ripe Subject


Spilling over with colorful flesh —
yellow, green, orange, red, and so many blends —
The contents of the bins delight the eye and tantalize the mouth:
The Golden Delicious
with warm yellow flesh, as the name implies, has a meat
both mellow and sweet;
The Granny Smith, its green skin signals a tart treat
crisp and juicy;
The Honey Crisp, not quite the color of honey, but
tangy and sweet; and, of course,
The standard bearer the Red Delicious,
blood red, a color synonymous with the heart and oh, SO crunchy.
These market bins richly decorated by the assorted flesh
valued for the range of tastes stands in contrast with another sort of bin
Here there is but a solitary tone of flesh
This single color used to color the world.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

January 13, 2014


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