when i was little i thought nothing of leaders and followers for i was surrounded by friends who comforted me i loved to hold them close wrap my arms around their soft bodies and whisper stories in their ears

when i was a bit older i was made aware that i was a leader with no followers. i became preoccupied with gathering followers;in the search i lost count of what was important.

Older yet, i began to speak out about the injustice of inequality. i questioned why a have-not-class existed; unaware that social comparison, rather than being a means to extricate the have-nots was an implement for subjugation as it focused attention on the lacking.

Age is not a prerequisite for understanding leadership. Wisdom and heart are, and the most important follower is always present, waiting patiently to be led.

© photo and words by Pamela Ferris-Olson

January 5, 2014


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